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The Best Bay Area Locations For Real Estate Investment

California’s current real estate boom is a trove of lucrative opportunities for property investors. From flipping homes to owning multi-unit rental buildings, business is good here. The San Francisco Bay Area, in particular, receives p...

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Your Complete Guide on Moving to San Francisco

If you're planning on moving to the City by the Bay, you're going to need a primer. Here's everything you need to know about moving to San Francisco. Did you snag a job in San Francisco? If so, you're in good company. The city's annu...

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5 questions to ask yourself before buying a condo

In the San Francisco housing market, condos offer the best cost-effective options to own real estate – especially for young, first-time home buyers who have yet to accumulate the assets to buy a pricey single-family house. It’s an effec...

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Studio for young artist

Creative ways to maximize storage in a small apartment

Storage is one of the biggest concerns when living in a small apartment. But more than a challenge, it’s an opportunity to discover your creativity and ingenuity. When given a limited space to work with, you’ll surprise yourself with...

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Real estate agent handing over the keys to a home. The key ring is house shaped. She is holding a digital tablet.

5 qualities of a good landlord

The rental lifestyle is more than just having a great living space in an ideal location. The quality of your experience also has a lot to do with the kind of landlord you deal with – from your very first inquiry, throughout your stay, all...

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Real Estate concept

Which type of mortgage is best for property investments

Buying an investment property opens doors to a world of opportunity. Especially in a place like the Bay Area, purchasing investment real estate promises lucrative returns. Before you can reap the rewards of your investment, however, you ...

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2019 Outlook for the San Francisco Rental Market

  As always, California continues to be a hot housing market. San Francisco has the second highest rent prices in the United States with an average of $3,579 per month. California continues to see growth in the real estate market and...

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