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Renters: Basic cleaning and repairs when moving out

Renters: Basic cleaning and repairs when moving out

Moving out a rental can mark a new chapter in one’s life. In that perspective, it’s important to make the event as stress-free and smooth as possible. Aside from packing personal items, here are other ways tenants can ensure a graceful exit from the rental property.

  1. Patch up the walls

    In case of paintings or photographs hung on the wall, tenants should remove any nail or apparatus used to hang up these decorative items. If walls are present, they should be sanded over until smooth, making it easier for the landlord to repaint the walls.

    Tenants should also make sure to remove any tapes or adhesive used on the wall and clean the spots.

  2. Disconnect the utilities

    Days before moving out, tenants should disconnect all the utilities connected to their name and have it transferred to their next place of residence. If the tenants are no longer interested in availing a certain utility, the contract should be terminated. Billing addresses for the utilities to be carried over to the new home should be changed.

    Lastly, tenants should also settle any remaining balances for these utilities to ensure a smooth transition.

  3. Clean the whole property

    When moving out, tenants are expected to leave the rental in more or less the same condition when they first moved in. This is why tenants are sometimes advised to take pictures of the rental during the start of the tenancy so they have a basis for comparison.

    Sometimes, however, there are landlords with flexible policies. Considering this, tenants should clean the place thoroughly before moving out.

  4. Discuss necessary repairs with the landlord

    Rental features that were broken as a result of “fair wear and tear” can be left alone. To properly distinguish which amenities broke or deteriorated because of age or natural causes, tenants should sit down with their respective landlords and do a walkthrough of the rental.

    Tenants, however, are obligated to fix or replace any feature they have broken or damaged over the course of their tenancy.

  5. Reverse any alternations

    Following the sentiment that the rental should be left in roughly the same condition, any alternations made during the tenancy should, as much as possible, also be reversed.

    It is possible, however, to leave any alternations or home improvements. To determine whether to leave it alone or reverse these changes, tenants should once again talk to their landlords. Some alternations can improve the value of the rental to the point that some landlords even recompense the tenants for the improvements they’ve done.

  6. Return all the keys

    Once tenants are done with all the cleaning and packing, all the keys (even the duplicates) should be gathered and eventually returned to the landlord once the move is completed.

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