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4 Must-do Activities in SoMa, San Francisco

Have you been to San Francisco’s South of Market community lately? If not, you’re missing out.

The South of Market area, commonly referred to as SoMa, has evolved into a hotspot for entertainment, nightlife, retail, and relaxation. Residents and visitors alike can’t get enough of the SoMa lifestyle. You’re sure to love it, too. Here are 4 of the best activities to do in California’s South of Market neighborhood.

Grab a craft beer at the local breweries

SoMa is known for its rich collection of local breweries. The area’s beer culture is creative, refined, fun, and flavorful. There are tasting rooms, pubs, and bars that all serve specialized brews made in San Francisco.

The neighborhood’s brewing culture is steadily growing and it’s a great way to get in on the action.

Ice skating, anyone?

If you love gliding on the ice, you can do it all year long in SoMa. SoMa proudly houses San Francisco’s only all-year ice skating rink and it’s a huge hit with locals and tourists. You can come to the Yerba Buena Ice Skating and Bowling arena at any season – cold weather or not. Their rink is open 7 days a week all year long, which is quite an impressive feat.

They do theme skating events on weekends so check in to see if it’s a disco night or a pop-culture movie theme. There’s always fun happening here for all ages.

Spend an afternoon museum-hopping

SoMa has an incredibly rich museum culture that has art lovers going wild. The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is located in SoMa, so come here for a taste of culture. Their collection includes famous pieces from the 1500s combined with modern jewels from contemporary artists.

But, the fun doesn’t need to end there. Plan a museum-hopping excursion and visit SoMa’s Contemporary Jewish Museum and the Museum of African Diaspora. You’ll love the diversity that makes the SoMa art scene vibrant.

Stroll through the historic Barbary Coast

History lovers need to take a walk down SoMa’s famous Barbary Coast. This area used to be the red light district of San Francisco. It was full of bars, brothels, and dancehalls until they were shut down in the mid-20th century. The scene here is very different from what it was before but the strong history still shines through along the Barbary Coast Trail. Follow bronze signposts that tell you about the area’s past and walk on the same paths walked on by San Francisco residents of yore.

Along the way, you’ll find vintage and antique bars, cafes, and shops. All of these make for a wonderful detour.

Experience mixed reality at OneDome

Step into a museum where things are not exactly what they seem. This is the kind of interactive experience you’ll find in OneDome. It has already mesmerized visitors with its Unreal Garden; now it has a second offering called LMNL – a phonetic spinoff from the word, liminal. It would be difficult to describe the experience brought about by the imagery of light, sound, and images – you just have to be in it yourself to find out.

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