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5 qualities of a good landlord

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The rental lifestyle is more than just having a great living space in an ideal location. The quality of your experience also has a lot to do with the kind of landlord you deal with – from your very first inquiry, throughout your stay, all the way until you decide to move

If you’re on the hunt for an apartment right now, look for the following traits in your landlord-to-be:

  • Genuine concern for the customer

    The best landlords know that property management is a customer-oriented service. Your potential landlord should be:

    – Easy to contact
    Let’s say the pipes in your unit spring a leak or you get a busted fuse all of a sudden. Can you call your landlord for help during emergencies related to the property and expect a prompt response?

    – Flexible and adaptable to your needs
    Emergencies and other urgent life matters can pop up and affect your ability to pay rent on time. A customer-oriented landlord is one who can meet you on these terms, allowing you to deal with your difficult personal obstacles first.

    – Proactive
    Good landlords show initiative. They casually ask about their tenants’ needs so they know if changes or repairs need to be made. They advise tenants about important announcements like building maintenance and pest control dates, scheduled power fluctuations, and extreme weather forecasts.

  • Community-minded

    Look for a landlord that makes sure you feel at home, not just in your unit, but in the community in and around your building. This landlord will introduce you to your neighbors. This individual will even take the time to show you around to see the attractions and resources nearby. Consider yourself lucky when you find a knowledgeable and well-connected resource like this.

  • Keen attention to detail

    Does your landlord-to-be ask too many questions while you’re applying for occupancy in the property? This is a good thing. It means that the landlord is thorough and maintains a high standard for the property. Everyone goes through the same meticulous screening so you can be guaranteed that you have a good neighborhood around you.

  • Impeccable transparency

    One quality that makes a landlord stand out is the ability to be transparent about the rental’s less-desirable features. If a landlord can be upfront about matters like cell phone signal limitations or recurring temperature fluctuations, consider it a plus. You know that you have a landlord looking after your best interests – perhaps you just need to find a different unit on the property.

  • More a friend than an authority figure

    Movies and TV are good at portraying landlords as intimidating and often annoying old people who always harass tenants to pay their rent. Landlords of fiction are, of course, just stereotypes and exaggerated caricatures of a few bad examples.

    In real life, good landlords create positive relationships with their tenants, using the qualities described above to ensure the comfort, satisfaction, and safety of all occupants. Keeping tenants happy is the best way for landlords to make their jobs easier, after all.

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