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6 Ways to Upgrade Your Rental Without Breaking the Bank

Interested in bringing your San Francisco rental units to a whole new level? Here are some tips that will help.

Whether you’re putting your rental apartment in the market or looking to fix things up for your tenants, every rental unit can use some extra TLC.

Making some upgrades can help in attracting amazing tenants, boosting your investment’s profitability, and elevating your position within the market. What’s more? These 6 special tips won’t hurt your wallet. They’re cost-effective, easy to do, and they work like a charm.

Replace the small things

The first step in fixing up your rental unit is to focus on details. Sink faucets, showerheads, doorknobs, light switches, electrical outlets – the list goes on. You wouldn’t believe what a big impression these can make on renters. Switching out old pieces and replacing them with new and stylish models will greatly boost the attractiveness level of your rental unit.

Repaint walls

Who doesn’t love a freshly painted rental unit? Adding a fresh coat of paint on your apartment walls will make the entire unit look clean and refreshed. Avoid choosing a loud or vibrant color. Since it’s a rental, you’ll want to go with a neutral tone that’s inviting and comforting to everyone.

Accentuate with washi tape

If you’re into crafts or DIY stuff, you’ll be familiar with washi tape. You can actually use this Japanese decorative tape to accentuate drab walls or doorways.
It can even be a great alternative to picture frames! There’s a huge variety of washi tape designs in the market so you can use one for continuity or mix and match colors and styles.

Bring the outdoors in

And what better way to do so than by putting in plants? Not only do you add a natural air purifier indoors but you also give the rental unit some organic charm. Nothing spells fresh more than plants, and you will be surprised by the variety of greens that could thrive inside a rental.

For an extra pop of color, why not place your plants in colorful planters? Terra cotta is still the best way to go but if clay isn’t your thing, you can opt for the more modern designs made of metal or woven grass. Whichever you choose, you end up with an eco-friendly piece that will liven up room corners or blank surfaces.

Add baseboards and crown molding

If you have an apartment full of easy-to-work-with angles and corners, consider installing baseboards and crown molding. These accents will make the rental unit look both homey and chic at the same time. Go for a nice aesthetic and don’t forget to paint these after installation.

Build floating shelves

Is there any better way to store your favorite items than on a floating shelf? Your renters will love this detail for its decor-boosting impact and the additional storage capacity. Look for plain rectangular shelves at your local hardware store and install them. Then, paint them in the same color as the wall for a seamless flush finish.

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