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Cheap Lunch Spots around San Francisco

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Love eating out? You don’t have to dent your wallet in order to eat at some of San Francisco’s best restaurants. Here are some places to check out.

  1. Cholo Soy
    2301 Mission St
    San Francisco, CA

    This Peruvian restaurant brings you the best dishes from the Land of the Incas. Dig into classic dishes like Asado de Res, Cabrito Norteno, and Pollo Rostizado. They also serve some of the best ceviches in town. For dessert, try the torta helada, a type of pastry, and leche asada, a flan recipe.

    This hole in the wall resto is famous for its affordable lunch specials. The menu rotates on a daily basis, which means you’ll have something to look forward to with each visit. The cozy interior and attentive staff will make you feel right at home.

  2. Bini’s Kitchen
    McKesson Plaza, 1 Post St
    San Francisco, CA

    Experience the unique flavors of the Himalayas. Bini’s Kitchen makes use of local ingredients, home ground spices, and traditional methods to bring you the best of Nepalese soul food. The unconventional menu consists of grilled Nepali chicken, green beans, turkey momo, and other delectable dishes. Leave room for dessert – the restaurant also serves rice pudding and Greek yogurt with chopped cucumbers.

    Bini’s Kitchen prides itself in being the only Nepalese catering company in SF. Call them up for your next dinner party and discover the textures and flavors of Nepal with friends and family.

  3. Hot Sauce and Panko
    1468 Hyde St
    San Francisco, CA

    Hot Sauce and Panko serves up some of the most affordable eats in SF – their wings cost about $6.89 to $7.99. Get your money’s worth by ordering the wings and waffle combo which will set you back $10.99. The delicious sauces and large portions will leave you feeling content.

    Choose from a variety of sauces from cilantro jalapeno ginger to bacon parmesan. Sides include tempura fries and Belgian waffles.

    Seating is limited but they offer takeout and delivery.

  4. Eatsa
    121 Spear St
    San Francisco, CA

    Choose from a variety of rice bowls, from BBQ chop salad to Cubano, each one costing about $8.95 – not bad considering the large servings and great flavors. Other options include the summer market salad, a quinoa salad with seasonal vegetables, as well as hummus and pita chips, a Mediterranean staple.

    Eatsa is the place to be if you want to eat healthy without breaking your budget. The restaurant also offers a unique experience where you order from a tablet and pick up your order from a Cubbie station. Your name will flash across a screen when it’s your turn to pick up your food. It’s self-service taken to a new level.

  5. Judahlicious
    3906 Judah St
    San Francisco, CA

    Judahlicious brings you healthy vegan fare for $10 or less. Sink your teeth into tamari-marinated portabella mushroom, sunflower seed pâté, and slow-cooked house chili with onions, bell pepper, and chili Morita peppers. They serve breakfast until 2 p.m., so if you’re a late riser, you’ll still get to try their gluten-free Belgian-style waffles and pancakes. They also serve organic fair trade coffee and vegan smoothies.

  6. HRD Coffee Shop
    521A 3rd Street
    San Francisco, CA

    This restaurant brings you taqueria favorites with a Korean twist. Try their kimchi burritos for less than $10. They also serve traditional rice bowls with your choice of meats and pickled vegetables for $12.95 and under. You can enjoy their innovative menu in private events by availing of their catering services.

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