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Richmond District

Apartments for Rent in Richmond District

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Across Golden Gate Park from the Sunset District, bordering Japantown, and a stone’s throw from the sea lies the Richmond District, one of San Francisco’s lesser-known treasures. Here is a place that mixes Irish and Asian roots, sprawling along the more commercial Geary Street and more pedestrian-friendly Clement Street, the latter of which forms the backbone for the Inner Richmond, site of the district’s most concentrated action. However, life exists beyond Tenth Avenue. From there to the ocean 30-something blocks away, you’ll find a community all of its own – not to mention more boba tea than you can shake a fat straw at.

The Richmond borders Golden Gate Park – heard of it? Other major Richmond District parks include:

  • Lincoln Park and Golf Course in the Outer Richmond
  • The historic Fort Miley Military Reservation on Point Lobos
  • Sutro Heights Park above the Cliff House
  • Sutro Heights Park above the Cliff House
  • Mountain Lake Park near the Park Presidio entrance to the San Francisco Presidio park.

Traditional Richmond District architecture, particularly in the Central and Outer areas, is the Marina Style. This typically consists of a sunroom with windows on three sides that can typically be accessed only through a bedroom as well as a split bathroom with a bathtub and sink in a separate room from the toilet facilities.

Parking is more readily available here than in many other San Francisco neighborhoods, particularly in the Central and Outer areas. The Inner Richmond also has relatively generous parking, but much of it is metered, particularly along Clement Street.

That said, the streets of the Richmond can be tricky as some spots are simply too small for most cars. Watch out – don’t block the driveways or you’ll likely find your four-wheeled friend in the tow yard. And no one wants that.

Best Richmond District Apartments

The apartments at 2240 Golden Gate Avenue, 422 9th Avenue, 430 9th Avenue, and 440 9th Avenue are some of the finest you’ll find in the area. All boast high-quality finishes, high ceilings, angled walls, skylights and fireplaces, soundproofing, and the type of classic architectural design you’ve come to expect from the City by the Bay. Regardless of the community you choose, as a local Richmond District real estate agent, I can help you find the home of your dreams.

Richmond District Neighborhood Guide

In some ways, the Richmond District is reminiscent of the peaceful suburbs – but with a distinctly urban flavor. This is heightened by the simply dizzying amount of amenities available, whether you’re talking about food, culture, or diversity in population.

One of the most beloved Richmond District restaurants is Burma Superstar, where you’ll see lines stretching at many times of the day and certainly on Saturday nights. Known for their tea leaf salads and samusa soups, Burma Superstar is a place to behold. If the line is too daunting, however, just head down the street. In the Richmond District, it’s hard to go wrong.