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Find unique commercial spaces across San Francisco’s most iconic neighborhoods. From co-working spaces to storefronts, the city has something to offer all kinds of entrepreneurs and property investors.

What is a commercial property?

A commercial property pertains to a property that is used solely for business activities. It often refers to buildings that house businesses, though the term also applies to residential rental properties and land that generates profit. A commercial property designation has legal, financial, and tax implications on the property.

The following properties can be categorized under commercial real estate:

  • Apartment buildings
  • Office buildings
  • Mixed-use developments
  • Hotels
  • Malls
  • Strip malls
  • Grocery stores
  • Manufacturing shops

Commercial real estate has always been seen as a sound investment from a property investor’s perspective. Its performance, including occupancy rates, new building rates, and sales prices, is often used to gauge business activity in a particular region or economy.

While the initial investment costs are higher as compared to residential real estate, the returns are also much higher overall.

Commercial real estate San Francisco

SF’s commercial real estate market is a competitive one. Much like the city itself, the market is bustling with activity. Investors will be happy to know that rental fees and housing prices are some of the highest in the United States, with low vacancies and tight competition between renters and buyers.

The city is highly coveted by business owners, families, and young professionals. Moreover, the local economy shows no signs of slowing down. All economic indicators point towards a sustained, if not accelerated, pace of growth.

Much of the commercial property in the city is Class A and is concentrated in the Financial District. Major tech companies typically occupy large blocks of space.

Retailers have unlimited storefront options throughout the city, from the busy thoroughfares of Downtown to the eclectic enclaves of Mission District. They’ll find commercial buildings on prominent streets that get plenty of foot traffic, and which are close to major transportation hubs.

It is always a good time to invest in SF commercial real estate because of the demand for trendy boutiques, restaurants, and bars from locals and tourists alike.

Commercial leases in SF can be complex because of the interplay between commercial landlords and landlord-tenant laws. Because of this, it helps to work with a commercial real estate lawyer and a leasing agency to protect your interests.

Homes for rent in San Francisco

The rental market is in high demand because it is cheaper to rent than to buy in SF. Landlords can take advantage of the high demand for rental space by working with leasing agencies that offer tenant placement services.

Some of the most desirable neighborhoods in SF include:

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