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Buyers and renters can choose from an excellent selection of townhomes in San Francisco. It’s a great option for those who don’t mind sharing a wall with their neighbors in this vibrant city.

What is a townhome?

A townhome is a multi-level home that is attached to one or two similar homes in a modern housing development. Unlike duplexes, triplexes, and fourplexes, however, each unit is individually owned.

The main difference between townhomes and row houses is that the latter is arranged in rows, as the name suggests, while townhomes can be arranged in various configurations.

Purchasing a townhome as a condo gives you ownership of the building’s interior, while purchasing it as a townhome gives you ownership of outdoor spaces as well, subject to the rules of the homeowners’ association (HOA).

Townhome living is a wonderful arrangement that lets residents make the most out of available space. It grants them enough privacy while living in close proximity to their neighbors.

It comes as no surprise that townhome living is a top choice among San Francisco’s renters who want to live to close to the city’s offerings without sacrificing space and privacy.

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San Francisco townhomes

SF is a renter’s city, and those in search of a place to live will find an array of townhomes to suit their tastes. These townhomes come in studio, 1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom layouts, offering plenty of space for single professionals, couples, and small families. Some townhome developments are also pet-friendly.

Buyers and renters can look forward to gleaming hardwood floors, spacious living rooms, decorative fireplaces, granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, plenty of storage and closet space, and other great features.

Moreover, there’s a high concentration of townhomes in Noe Valley and Parkmerced.

Notable townhome developments in SF include:

Homes for rent in San Francisco

SF’s rental market is not limited to townhomes. Renters will also find condos, apartments, and single-family homes for rent in the city. These rentals are spread out across SF’s most iconic neighborhoods, from SoMa and North Beach to Nob Hill and Mission District.

However, competition is fierce, especially in the summer months when there is a great deal of activity in the market. This can be a challenging time for landlords who must sift through multiple applications in order to find a tenant who is suitable for their property.

Landlords will find no shortage of willing renters who want to make SF their home. However, they must choose their tenants carefully in order to avoid the common pitfalls of renting out property in this vibrant city.

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