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The Best Neighborhoods for Renters in San Francisco

An aerial view of the skyline of San Francisco with the Salesforce Tower towering above the other skyscrapers. Clear sunny day with clear view of the business district.

Thinking of acquiring rental properties in Golden Gate City? Check out these neighborhoods with some of the best apartments in San Francisco.

  1. FiDi

    FiDi, short for Financial District, is SF’s downtown and business district. The skyline is dotted with modern skyscrapers like the Transamerica Pyramid and historical buildings such as the Sentinel Building, Hearst Building, and Audifredd Building.

    It’s also a dining destination, with a mixture of newly opened restaurants and eateries like Tadich Grill that have been around for over a century.

    Renters are spoilt for choice when it comes to luxury apartments housed in modern towers that command views of the city and the Bay.

  2. SoMa

    Short for South of Market, SoMa is best known for its startup scene, attracting top talent from around the world. And it has the rental market to match, with a range of pet-friendly, garden-style SoMA apartments SF and co-living housing developments that offer private bedrooms and free laundry service.

    Renters will also find an excellent selection of co-working space for their working needs.

    It’s a walkable neighborhood in a central location, with public transportation like BART, Caltrain, and Muni Metro within walking distance.

    The nightlife is second to none, with club, breweries, and dive bars dominating the scene.

  3. South Beach

    Located right next to SoMa, South Beach is known for its pedestrian-friendliness and efficient public transportation, making it an appealing to renters who need to move within the city and across the bay.

    It also appeals to sports fans – it’s home to the San Francisco Giants and the state-of-the-art Oracle Park, formerly known as AT&T Park.

    Here you’ll find luxury condos and lofts in high rises and converted warehouses. The most coveted rentals are located along the ocean, with rentals fees increasing as you move closer to the Bay.

  4. Presidio

    Located on a former U.S. military post, Presidio is now the site of a national park. Widely known as a recreation center, this area offers miles of hiking trails, forested areas, overlooks, and a golf course.

    Landmarks include Crissy Field, which commands views of the Golden Gate Bridge, and Baker’s Beach, which is situated beneath the iconic bridge just off the western shoreline of the Presidio.

    This is a place where renters can truly live, work, and play. Choose from over 23 neighborhoods in the area, and enjoy the suburban environment despite being just a bus ride away from downtown.

    Aside from studios, renters will find a fantastic selection of homes for rent in San Francisco, some with four to six bedrooms.

  5. Nob Hill

    This established neighborhood is among San Francisco’s most iconic, with landmarks such as Grace Cathedral, Cable Car Museum, and the cable car that serves California Street. Other highlights include historic hotels such as the Intercontinental and the Scarlet Huntington.

    Once home to railroad barons, today, Nob Hill’s stately Victorians provide shelter to renters, who enjoy concerts at the Nob Hill Masonic Center, sweeping views from the Top of the Mark, and vintage shopping along Polk Street.

    Lower Nob Hill is known for the co-living industry, where renters can nab bunk beds and rooms in underutilized single-family homes at a more affordable price. Companies like PodShare and Bungalow have rentals in Nob Hill.

  6. Tenderloin

    While the rest of SF has given way to gentrification, Tenderloin has clung to its hard and gritty character. Once the entertainment district of the city, withpeople hitting the downtown neighborhood’s clubs, speakeasies, billiard halls, and theaters during the Gold Rush, it was home to a thriving LGBTQ community in the 1970s.

    Today, it is known for its diversity and character, with a growing population of tech workers, seniors, children, families, and immigrants. The rental market is rife with single residency occupancy (SRO) rentals, many of which are housed in historic hotels that have been repurposed for modern living. Renters will also find a smattering of micro-studios and private rooms in shared apartments.

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