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The Benefits of Working With a San Francisco Rental Agency

The apartment rental industry is worth a cool 6.4 billion in the U.S. in 2023. Unfortunately, the market is expected to shrink by 1.6% this year. This could mean that thousands of landlords across the country could be facing some tough challenges ahead. If you're a landlord in San Francisco, you know that generating...

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5 Landlord Services Every Real Estate Investor Should Know About

According to a Global Newswire post, the property management market size in the U.S. will grow to be worth .5 billion by 2030. This equates to predicted yearly growth of 10.21% from 2022 to 2030! So it's pretty clear that landlords are understanding the value of landlord services.  As a real estate...

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Property for Rent in San Francisco: 5 Tips for Finding Your Dream Rental Property

Over 935,000 people live in San Francisco! Are you getting ready to join them? If so, it's time to start figuring out how to choose a rental property for you to call home. Finding property for rent in San Francisco isn't easy. There are a lot of options, but good...

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San Francisco Luxury Apartment Rentals: 7 Tips for Finding Your Dream Apartment

Are you looking for the perfect luxury apartment in San Francisco? Look no further! We’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to help you find the best luxury apartments in the Bay Area. From amenities and features to neighborhoods and prices, this guide will give you all the information you need to...

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Realtors San Francisco: Questions to Ask Before Buying a Home

Did you know that there are over 100,000 realtor firms currently operating in the US? Finding the right realtor and asking the right questions are key. We’ve put together a guide of important questions that shouldn't be left unanswered when it comes to real estate in San Francisco. With this...

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Rental Agents San Francisco: 6 Qualities to Look for in an Agent

San Francisco is currently the third most expensive city in the U.S. for those who rent. It sits behind only New York City and Boston at this time. This can, unfortunately, make life difficult for landlords in San Francisco. They have to be very careful about who they rent their...

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Top six apartment amenities renters can't resist

Top six apartment amenities renters can't resist Some apartments fare better than others when attracting and retaining tenants. One factor that comes into play is the amenities and features offered in the home. Here are six apartment amenities proven to be big draws among renters. Flexible pet policies It's common...

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Creative ways to maximize storage in a small apartment

Creative ways to maximize storage in a small apartment Storage is one of the biggest concerns when living in a small apartment. But more than a challenge, it’s an opportunity to discover your creativity and ingenuity. When given a limited space to work with, you’ll surprise yourself with the clever...

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What Does A Leasing Agent Do?

What does a leasing agent do? You may wonder what leasing agent is, what they do, and how they differ from real estate agents. Landlords usually hire a leasing agent to find and secure a lease for a rental unit that is vacant and available for rent. A leasing agent...

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Security Deposit Laws in California

      SECURITY DEPOSIT LAWS IN CALIFORNIA        Landlords must know their Tenants' rights to comply with the law. Learn about tenants' security deposit rights to avoid problems in the future. What counts as a security deposit? According to California Courts, a security deposit is any money...

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San Francisco Annual Rent Increase and Just Cause

The Painted Ladies Houses at Alamo Square in San Francisco, California, USA.   SAN FRANCISCO ANNUAL RENT INCREASE AND JUST CAUSE  December 2022 When it comes to being a landlord in San Francisco, many resources are available to help you get started. From the San Francisco...

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Increase Your Rental Income While Making Your Tenants Happier

Increase Your Rental Income While Making Your Tenants Happier November 2022 If you're a landlord, there are a few things you can do to increase your rental income while making your tenants happier. You don't have to spend a lot of money to improve the look and feel of your...

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How Crafting A Solid Lease Agreement Can Help Avoid Issues Later

HOW CRAFTING A SOLID LEASE AGREEMENT CAN HELP AVOID ISSUES LATER November 2022 First and foremost, a solid lease agreement should be prepared by a lawyer or use of a real estate broker who has access to a rental and legal state and federally-approved forms. Besides, the Obvious items in...

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4 Must-do Activities in SoMa, San Francisco

Have you been to San Francisco’s South of Market community lately? If not, you’re missing out. The South of Market area, commonly referred to as SoMa, has evolved into a hotspot for entertainment, nightlife, retail, and relaxation. Residents and visitors alike can’t get enough of the SoMa lifestyle. You’re sure...

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5 Habits of Financially Savvy Renters

Renting an apartment is often the ideal living situation when you’re not quite yet ready to buy a house of your own. Besides giving you the opportunity to live in places like San Francisco which is among the most sought-after cities in the country, renters can...

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Self-Guided Walking Tour to Mission District

Mission District traffic. Before you look at apartments in the Mission District, take time to get to know the area. The Mission District is unarguably one of the most vibrant neighborhoods in San Francisco and taking to its streets is the best way to experience this constantly evolving corner of...

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Discover the Best Restaurants in Castro and Noe Valley

Great restaurants are an essential component of city life. One of the many reasons why Castro and Noe Valley apartments for rent are in high demand is the abundance of culinary options these areas offer. The Castro District is synonymous with gay culture and beckons many with its glorious Bay views, clusters of secondhand stores, and...

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How to Manage a Property for Lease

Updated: January 2023 San Francisco is currently the third most expensive rental market in the country. When appropriately managed, rental property here can generate a highly lucrative income for investors.  Managing a rental, however, has more than its share of challenges, especially for first-time landlords. Some outsource the job to...

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The essentials on renting an apartment in San Francisco

Updated January 2023 Renting an apartment is the next best thing if you're not keen on buying residential real estate in San Francisco. Read on to learn more about the experience and how you can find an apartment that fits your lifestyle and needs ideally. The hunt for the best...

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The art & culture lover’s guide to the North Beach

Updated January 2023 With its jazz clubs, Italian heritage, and galleries, North Beach is one of the artsiest neighborhoods in San Francisco. It will take more than a weekend to fully explore the explosive arts and culture scene here, but this list of places to check out should get you...

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San Francisco Real Estate

Ray Amouzandeh and the TARGA Residential Brokerage team provide unparalleled leasing services for landlords seeking short or long-term tenants in San Francisco. When finding the right tenants, only some have the time to go through all the necessary steps to find trustworthy and responsible tenants. To get the most out of your rental property, you must ensure all the proper measures are performed to avoid wasting time and resources on underqualified tenants.

Ray and his team boast extensive experience and knowledge in the San Francisco real estate rental market. They are experts in handling various property types, including TIC, Condominiums, Single Family home rentals, and multi-unit residential income properties.

When you work with us, you experience a seamless, effective tenant placement service guaranteed to get you closer to your goals. We are experts in the San Francisco rental market and are the best when it comes to navigating the local markets in some of the most sought-after neighborhoods in San Francisco, including:

Our approach

At TARGA Residential Brokerage, we aim to make the leasing process as seamless and hassle-free as possible for everyone involved. The team will be in charge of all the critical aspects of the leasing process, including valuation, marketing the property, screening tenants, preparing the lease agreement documentation, and coordinating move-ins.

We believe the success of any rental property depends on the quality of tenants – by providing only the best leasing services to landlords and property owners, we can connect them with only the most reliable and trustworthy tenants possible so that they can optimize their San Francisco real estate rental property.

100% Approved Tenants with good income and excellent credit histories. If you have a rental unit available now or becoming available soon, please get in touch with Ray Amouzandeh at 1.415.494.7009, or send an email to sfhomez(at)gmail(dotted)com


 by Mark Dropkin on Ray Amouzandeh

Ray was very helpful in scheduling a viewing and securing my apartment under extremely tight move window. I am grateful for his his assistance and warm personality.

 by Mikhail Panchenko on Ray Amouzandeh

Went from 0 to keys-in-hand in a week working with Ray A. He was super responsive and professional; even helped get the lease language amended to more clearly delineate some storage space that was important to me.

 by Dom Parikh on Ray Amouzandeh

Very impressed by Ray and the team at TARGA. They helped us find a new apartment for rent. Ray was exceptionally responsive and straightforward, and also showed great flexibility when we had an issue with an airport delay on the way to the handover. ... Read More

 by Jee Hwang on Ray Amouzandeh

Ray was extremely helpful during our process of renting a home of one of his clients. The process was very smooth and without any surprises due to Ray’s responsiveness and professionalism. We were glad to have worked with him and recommend him highly... Read More

 by Jeff Nettleton on Ray Amouzandeh

It was great to work with Ray on finding a new apartment — he is timely, considerate, and gives great advice. I’d definitely recommend working with him!