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San Francisco Realtors: How to Choose Your Best Option

San Francisco realtors

Statistics show that 44.1 million American households are renters, not owners. Renters also spend about $485 billion in rent every year nationwide.

If you are a landlord, you may be looking for San Francisco realtors. This is a good option when you have San Francisco real estate, and you need tenants.

Finding good tenants can be quite a challenging task for most people. That is why a San Francisco realtor can be a great investment.

Keep reading to find out how to choose San Francisco realtors as a landlord.

What Do Realtors Do?

Most people assume that San Francisco realtors only help with buying homes. But that is not the case, as they are able to juggle many other tasks.

As a landlord, you can hire leasing agents in San Francisco to help you out. Realtors can provide leasing services to help landlords source tenants.

These tenants could be short-term or long-term, depending on what you need. You don’t have to worry about going through all the steps of vetting tenants yourself.

The leasing agents will do this for you, helping you to avoid wasting time. They also have more resources available to them that you do not have.

For instance, provides leasing services to help landlords all over San Francisco. This helps you navigate the rental market with the experts on your side.

What to Look for In a Realtor

Now that you know what San Francisco realtors can do, what do you look for? Finding the right realtors can be quite a challenge.

After all, there are many options if you are trying to find tenants for luxury apartments. Real estate in San Francisco is abundant, and you want to make sure you choose the right realtor.

This ensures you will have the best experience and will be able to work with them again in the future.

Look at Reviews

If you have a luxury apartment to rent out, you need to choose a realtor quickly. One great way to do this is to start your research online.

Every realtor you look up should have reviews available. These reviews come directly from past clients that those realtors worked with.

This information will give you a good idea of how that realtor works. You will be able to see what experience past clients had and whether they were pleased.

Keep in mind that there is always going to be a variety of positive and negative reviews. This does not necessarily mean anything bad about that realtor.

But you do want to keep an eye out for any repeated complaints that could be a red flag. You can also find a variety of reviews from different locations online.

View the Website

Every realtor should have a professional website that you can visit. This website should be easy to navigate and have all of the information you need.

This is a good sign that they are professional and take their job seriously. There’s also helps you to narrow down your options since you have all the information at your fingertips.

Make sure you check the About page and the Services page to see what is offered. This is a good time to collect information to see if this realtor fits your expectations.

Listing Times

Another thing you need to look into is the agent’s average listing time and number of listings. These should ideally be listed on the website, but you may need to call about them.

The number of listings that a realtor has represented showcases their experience. This also indicates whether they are a reputable agent or not.

The amount of time that a listing is up also indicates the quality of their work. If all of their listings have a long listing time, they may not be good at finding tenants.

This could indicate that it takes them a long time to find the right fit for that property. But you should also keep in mind that every listing is different.

Some properties are harder to rent depending on different factors.

Look at Past Experience

It is also important to do a bit of digging to see what their experience is like. This is especially important for landlords since many realtors don’t work with them.

The majority of realtors work with the buyers or the renters. You want to make sure they offer services for landlords if you are looking for tenants.

They should have managed listings that are very similar to yours. For example, if you are renting out luxury apartments, it is best if they have managed luxury apartments.

This shows that they have a track record of success in that area. It also shows that they know how to find the right tenants for that kind of property.

Consider the Price

All realtors are going to have a fee that they charge for their services. It is important to look into this to make sure you know exactly what to expect.

Some realtors are more affordable without sacrificing quality. These are the kind of realtors you want to keep an eye out for.

Make sure you don’t base your decision purely on price. This is one aspect, but you also want to find a high-quality realtor that you can work with again and again.

Have a Consultation

Possibly the most important part of choosing a realtor is the consultation. You will want to schedule consultations once you have limited your options.

You can do this after you have collected a list of 3 to 5 real estate agents. Landlords usually have the option of scheduling a consultation with different methods.

Maybe you could meet them in person, have a video call, or phone call. It is usually preferred to meet them in person to get an idea of how they are.

You want to work with someone who is personable and easy to communicate with. Because you may be working with them again in the future, you want to get along.

This is also a great time to ask about any details you couldn’t find online. This may include their past experience or the kind of rates they charge.

What to Ask a Realtor

Whether you are in the process of choosing a realtor or have decided, there are some questions to ask. These questions are important when you are working to find a tenant.

If you are still looking for a realtor, these are the perfect questions to ask during your consultation.

What Is Their Market Knowledge?

The real estate market is constantly changing and adapting to demand. This can make it very difficult to stay on top of, especially as a landlord.

You want to ask the realtor what their market knowledge currently is. They should have a strong opinion with plenty of insights about the trends for that year.

This shows that they know their stuff and know what tenants are looking for. They will also know how to showcase your property in the best light.

What Was Their Most Recent Success?

Asking about a realtor‘s most recent success is a great way to understand their work. They should be able to explain their thought process and the steps they took for that job.

This will give you an idea of how they will work regarding your property.

How Do They Vet Renters?

Vetting renters is incredibly important for landlords. This is why this is a question that you should ask to get an idea of what their process is like.

A realtor should be able to explain how they vet tenants and what they look for. If this aligns with what you are looking for in a tenant, that is a good sign.

Do They Have Any Advice for You?

As a landlord, you have a lot of jobs to juggle. A real estate agent may have knowledge that can help you to do your job in a more efficient way.

If you have certain preferences for a tenant, you can ask a realtor for their advice. They can advise you on who you should be looking for and how you should be marketing your property.

San Francisco Realtors: Choosing the Best Option

If you are a landlord in San Francisco, you need San Francisco realtors. Leasing agents in San Francisco can help you vet and find the best possible tenants.

Do you need help renting out your luxury apartments? Contact us today at to schedule your first consultation.