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The Best Bay Area Locations For Real Estate Investment

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California’s current real estate boom is a trove of lucrative opportunities for property investors. From flipping homes to owning multi-unit rental buildings, business is good here.

The San Francisco Bay Area, in particular, receives plenty of attention from prospective home buyers and renters. The region is a thriving economic and technological hub. It offers excellent weather all year round. Its social and cultural diversity in its communities is also a major draw.

If you’re looking to capitalize on the high-growth opportunities in the Bay Area, here are 3 San Francisco neighborhoods and 3 nearby cities to target:

San Francisco neighborhoods

  • Alamo Square

    This neighborhood is best known for the park that shares its name, as well as “The Painted Ladies” – an array of Victorian houses painted in an appealing array of colors.

    The area stretches over four city blocks and has a wide selection of homes with over 10,000 square feet of living space. Alamo Square’s hilltop location offers plenty of generous views of Downtown San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the Bay Bridge.

  • Visitacion “Viz” Valley

    Get family-friendly vibes all around this verdant neighborhood in the southeast section of San Francisco, located along the border between San Francisco and Daly City.

    Considered one of the last remaining affordable neighborhoods in the city, the Viz presents great opportunities to purchase investment properties that can be maximized as short-term rental housing, such as Airbnb services.

  • South of Market

    The large SoMa neighborhood can accommodate both traditional (i.e. long-term) and short-term rentals. Its proximity to Market Street gives it exceptional accessibility, although there are plenty of notable nearby destinations surrounding it already, including the headquarters and offices of tech companies, as well as several well-known San Francisco museums.

Cities within an hour from San Francisco

  • San Jose
    As a major economic, political, and cultural center in the Bay Area, real estate investors always have a surplus of customers in this city. This is particularly true for the northern portion where Silicon Valley is partly located.

    Consider investing in houses and placing them back on the market for long-term rentals. You’re likely to catch the attention of Silicon Valley upstarts looking to launch their young careers while establishing a foothold in a competitive real estate market.

  • Sunnyvale

    Another Silicon Valley city and the 7th most populous city in the Bay Area, Sunnyvale likewise holds plenty of promise for property investors. The presence of technology, aerospace, and defense company headquarters and operating centers within city limits suggests a stable economy for years to come. Because of this, people looking for professional and economic opportunities will continue to arrive in droves, looking for a place to stay here.

  • Vallejo-Fairfield (Solano County)

    Off to the north of the Bay Area lies Solano County which comprises the Vallejo-Fairfield Metropolitan Area. This location can be considered for investment properties targeting college student occupants as it is home to a number of college campuses, including those of UC Davis, UC Berkeley, and the California Maritime Academy.

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